Former Guest House

OSAKA GEIHINKAN Former Guest House was built as a State Guest House to welcome foreign dignitaries from countries all over the world during "APEC 1995". It was chosen as the dinner venue for the G20 Osaka Summit held in 2019, as a space that could help showcase and spread the culture, art, and food that Japan has to offer to the rest of the world. During this event, cultural functions and dinner were enjoyed here and there also were commemorative photos takes with Osaka Castle in the background. Located in the city center, this venue provides a sense of openness that is hard to come by in such a central location. It is a genuine Guest House that embodies both dignity and comfort making it a truly worthy space for honorable guests. The Koraimon Gate (1-minute walk from the venue) is specially opened for those using this venue as a banquet hall, making it easily accessible even for guests arriving on a bus or taxi.




石井之悠 Shu Ishii

スイスのグランメゾンで活躍し、帰国後神戸元町で開業。ミシュランと並ぶ2大レストランガイド、「ザガットサーベイ」では、神戸エリア料理部門で4年連続1位を獲得。 2012年1月より、弊社グランシェフに就任。